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Burnap's Farm Market

Sweet Temptations

Pies, Cookies, Homemade Bread, Ice Cream




From our kitchen you can smell the tempting aromas of pies, cookies, muffins, breads, homemade waffle cones and many other sweet treats.  We bake daily and there is always something tempting to take home. 

Our Ice Cream parlor provides that quick fix for any taste bud.  We serve Perry’s hard and soft serve ice cream.  Our specialty is our “fresh fruit” which helps make our shortcakes, sundaes, smoothies, swirles, and just about anything you can make with fruit and ice cream.  Chocolate lovers don’t worry.  There is plenty of that to go around also.


Burnap's Farm Market, 7277 Maple Avenue  in Sodus, NY. 315-483-4050. Open Daily 9AM to 6PM. Memorial Day to Halloween.